Monday, 25 February 2013

Snow Bases by Ogrebane

This is how I do snow bases. This can be used for anything tho. At the bottom of the tute you will see an igloo with snow on it that was done the same way.

OK this is how I do snow bases. You've probably seen this before but this is how I do it.
1. This is what you need
I use a very small amount of blue paint in the mix to stop yellowing (Havent had any yet) It has to be a very small amount or you end up with a blue slushy mix. Hopefully you can make out how much I use.

2. Next mix equal parts of bicarb white glue and water with the blue paint mix (which is like a real thin wash approx 3-4 drops of it)

3. Use a shape tool to add the snow mix and pack it a little higher than you need as it will shrink when it dries.

4. To finish of I use a mix of white glue water and a small amount of white paint on the snow to give it some protection.

OK so heres the finished product

Also used on terrain here is an igloo with snow on it.