Sunday, 17 February 2013

Slow Growth League

Weve mentioned before that we are running a slow growth league this year.

The first tourney will be on the 16th March. We will use steamroller 2013 rules with the following exception.

1. You pick a faction. You must keep that faction for the whole year for any slow growth tournies.
2. For this 15pt tourney turns will be 5 minutes. Extension 2.5 minutes.
3. You must have painted minis (The whole idea is to encourage players to build new armies after all)

So for anyone coming to this tourney can you post you faction here or email me. Feel free to invite your friends along as long as they can follow the rules above.

We will be posting games as well as pics so if you have a flash (hehe) Camera bring it along.

Feel free to change the wording of this post. I know I will probably change it once Ive reread it.