Saturday, 31 August 2013

Immoren Deadliest Warrior - Kooidaminda Thunderdome! for the next tournament weekend.

Immoren Deadliest Warrior - Kooidaminda Thunderdome!

Table is a 3 x3 foot circle.

Players 5 to 8 players. One Warcaster or Warlock "warlocks have the focus mechanic for this game"

Each player gets to play their turn as normal and then move to the players right. Then the thunderdome "Table activates" circle gets a kill "circle" box of 3 inches which increases by 3 inches per round using the hardcore killbox rules "5 Damage and no healing for a round" if you finish your turn out side the kill box.


Additional rules  "Random position set up based on a dice roll"

Any attachment too you caster or unit members cannot compete. Epic Thagrosh cannot generate lesser beast or feats bring in models into play such as Goreshade, you have one model to play only.

If you kill an opponent caster in your turn your caster is rewarded with focus up to his/her limit at the end of their activation.

Each player gets 1 point per kill and the last remaining caster is awarded 3 points.

Caster's must be painted!

Who will be Immoren's Deadlist warrior?