Wednesday, 13 February 2013

player profile Eddie Crompton

Players Name: Edward (Grimjaw) Crompton
Players Age: 29
POB: Brisbane, Queensland
Currently resides: Inala, Brisbane
Occupation: Boilermaker
Hobbies: Console games, War-games, Card games, Board games, Painting and Converting miniatures.

The first time I saw Eddie he was carrying his orc army on a giant choppa he had made. He is famous for the lick and dip conversion method.

KM: This weeks player profile is of Grimjaw. Tell us about yourself mate.
GJ: Consider myself a bit of a gaming fanatic and maybe a little bit addicted. I work hard at my job knowing the weekend is rolling around and that's when i can maybe go to tourneys, hanging out with mates playing games or just checking out the stores for new stock.

KM: So how long have you been into table top gaming?
GJ: I remember seeing a white dwarf when i was 15 or 16 and really enjoying reading it. After realizing that there was miniatures that you could play a game with i saved my dollars and combed Brisbane looking for a store (not easy back then cause there wasn't many around) I bought some 40k orks and used stats in a white dwarf to sort of play a game. Even got my mates interested and played at school. Since then i got into games workshop tournaments, magic the gathering, role-playing, war-hammer fantasy, joined a games club named League of Extraordinary Gamers. Started running fantasy tourneys about 5 years ago and am currently club president of LXG.

KM: So would you consider yourself a gamer or a painter/modeler.
GJ: Defiantly a painter/modeler. I cant seem to leave a miniature alone, if i'm not extending a models weapon to better represent reach (bit of a pet peeve of mine at the moment) or scratch building a single model/whole army I've always got the green-stuff and drill handy to do a bit of modifying. Am focusing on improving my gaming of late trying to learn how to use the witch coven as a bit of a challenge but need to get out to more competitive tourneys

KM: So what gaming systems are you playing at the moment?
GJ: Dropped war-hammer like a hot rock after 8th ed came out and just as mkII was starting. Looked at the beta mkII preview and was instantly hooked. Getting told i can play as hard as i want or GTF out was really great. Also continuing to play magic (haven't quit yet) and board games are always a default source of fun.

KM: So War-machine is )your main game, what factions do you play?
GJ: Started with Cryx (sub models) was playing 30 - 40 models when my mates thought 15 was big! (he he!). Then only bought a few models moved to circle almost immediately bought all the constructs and baldur (of course i own fulcrum and wold-wrath now). Attracted to weird casters like cassius who is only effective with recent releases. Also play mercs i own all the rhulic models and have Bart and intent to get into galleon and wrong eye territory some time (dont hate me). Recently started cryx again with witch coven (weird see above) in a slow grow league that mates are starting.

KM: You mentioned slow growth can you tell me of that.
GJ: As i said cryx, coven, slow grow. Got this crazy idea that if i play a harder/weirder caster i will get better at the game. One thing is certain the covens unique activation process is helping me with order of activation. Also just bringing the love and or surgical disdain that is cryx to my gaming group much to their joy and or lamentation.

KM: So do you play in allot of tournaments or do you just play casually?
GJ: Bit of both although in the last couple of years just casually at a mates place (ie. ogerbane) which he has been organised into tourneys. Keep telling my self that i need to play tourneys more to improve my game but the few that i have gone to at a local game store i have managed to come last at every one.

KM: Thanks for your time any last words for your fans.
GJ: Stay outta my way cause I'm gonna smash any thing in my way and don't tell me i cant do something cause I'm the most stubborn bloke i know and i know allot of people. Just kidding i like just playing the game and if i walk away from a game learning something new and having had some fun then mission accomplished.