Sunday, 8 January 2017

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 18 Ogres get Mobile

Cancon 17 Approaches rapidly and with it the need to finish an army.

I've been struggling with the ogres to make them competitive and still haven't cracked the right list yet but I'm hoping these guys help out.

So I am adding a horde of chariots to the list. I have 3 Rhinox riders not doing much so I decided to expand them with these guys.

I am almost up to the painting part just a few little touches to go.

Just about done. A saddle and a second horn plus the left hand one needs a tail

The Ogres are done. I need to finish the banner not sure where to go with that but I am happy with the boys

I think I will swap the Rhinoxes around as the bellower seems to be taking up all the
 space and I want the champ to stand out a bit more.

So hopefully these will be done tonite and ready for paint tomorrow.

let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 17D MAW beasts for the Gobbos

Wow its been 3 months since I posted in here. Oh well been busy running a nrw business. Anyway I found a few Bones minis that immediately screamed Maw beast to me so I bought 4 of them to make 2 regiments of maw beasts. They are about the size of a chariot so I dont see 2 on a regiment being a problem. Anyway here is th first wip

The hole where they dug through

​​​​​​​The beast emerges

 2 beasts on the base really fill it up

Let me know what you think. More to come soon.


Friday, 19 August 2016

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 17 Is Stat U

So a few little decos but the base is done now to paint 32 more Gobbos.

Hall of Heroes.

So these count towards the models on the base.

Hopefully a few more pics before the main production line begins.

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 17c The walls are closing in.

Sorry for the delay, Ive spent the last month setting up a business to build tokens and terrain (mostly for KOW but will branch out) anyway on to the Gobbo's

Lots of room but it will fill up soon with gobbo's

I think I have 5 painted and I want to do at least the min of 31 so probably wont see much of this detail

So I want these as statues but I'm counting them in the model count so like 22 left to paint.

If you want to see what I've been up to go to this place

More to come soon. As always feel free to comment or give me some feedback.


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 17B Yellow is the New black.

Some progress with the Gobbos. These are test pieces and need some touch-ups but I'm pretty happy with the results.

The base is coming along. I need to do the walls of course but I like how it looks so far.
Its a pity most of it will be covered by Gobbos.

The minis are actually brighter IRL but the Yellow and purple make a good contrast.
I will probably do some freehand on the higher up characters.

I really like this guy. Very characterful. The orange goes nice as well.
The great thing about the camera is it doesn't lie.
I can see a few bits the need cleaning up that my own eyes just can't see.

So Im hoping to have about 35 or 40 Gobbos for this base. It represents a Legion of spears but it can stand in for rabble at a pinch. Feel free to leave a comment.


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 17a Goblin Lair grows.

Finally got some progress done on the Goblin army.

I've near finished the base for the second sniff unit. Just a few deco's to go. Its a lot brighter than the other one so a few washes should dull it up nicely. Also the bricks in the wall are a lot bigger so I must have been in a rush to finish it.

Anyway here's a pic of the base.

The torch is done just need painting and a few webs and vermin added.

Just so you dont think its the original reversed here is a pic of both of them together.

This is the base for the spear legion. I'm not sure if I will do statues of suits of
armour on the side walls.

As always feel free to give your opinion or any criticism.


Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 17 The Great Gaggle of Goblins

Around 10 years ago when GW released Skull pass I bought 3 box sets of it and then promptly put them away to collect dust. I think most of the dwarf bits went to a friend also never to see the light of day. It was about 3 months ago when I got them all out and bagged them up ready to sell at the next gaming convention. And then I played a game of KOW. I had an ogre army that I really loved and I have pretty much finished it now so as I was looking for a new project (Not like I don't have 4 other armies I could rebase) I decided to look at Goblins. I have a few units painted up for my orc army but when I pulled out all the Skull pass minis I had more than enough to start a complete new army. I may use the odd older model but I will mostly use the new ones I think.

I've had 3 games with the Gobbo's and they are rock hard. Legions are the key to the army IMO and I have tables two armies to date. (Got tabled once by efreets but we all know what I think of them)

Anyway I wanted a new theme and I want to show of the display base aspect of the game so I've come up with a dungeon theme for the Goblins.

Here is a pic of the first base which will be a regiment of Fleabag sniffs. I have about 30 spiders (A heap got used in a deamon army but 30 is a good start) and Im going to use them as mounts but I didn't like the forest goblins on them so I will use night goblin archers as the riders.

Anyway here is the first concept unit

There will eventually be 6 spiders in the unit.

There will be a torch on the wall. I tried to paint the base so it looks 
like the torch is lighting the room up.

Anyway let me know what you think. There will be a lot more to come.