Monday, 9 February 2015

Immoren Deadliest Warrior - Kooidaminda Thunderdome!


This is something we have been doing for a bit of fun. I don’t know if I've published results of these nor can I find a copy of the rules, so I will repeat them here.

The aim of this game is to find the deadliest caster/Warlock in the Thunderdome. Each faction will play off till they have a champion who will then compete against the champions of each other faction. As Warlocks cannot use transfers their armour will act as Warcaster armour and fury can be used as armour boost. Also at the start of the turn they will receive a full complement of Fury.
  1. Field of play is a 3ft circle. (4ft if 5 or more players) 
  2. Only the caster is allowed, not any of his entourage. Also any feat that will call extra warriors or war beasts cannot be used. (May have to come up with a modified feat like extra attacks etc) 
  3. All Warcasters/Warlocks will start at an even distance from each other and may deploy up to 1 inch into the field of play. IE there base may be up to 1 inch from the edge. 
  4. Players will roll dice to decide turn order and may deploy in that order keeping in mind rule 3. 
  5. At the end of turn 2 the borders of the arena will move in 3 inches. This will continue until the field is 12 inch diameter and will cease. 
  6. When the border moves if a caster is caught outside the field he/she will take D6 damage that cannot be healed or regenerated. Also if at the end of a casters turn he/she is found outside the border the same will occur. Additionally if a caster is slammed or thrown he will stop at the border and take an additional D6 damage. If a caster is teleported he will not take damage but is subject to damage if he cannot make it back inside the border at the end of his turn. 
  7. A caster cannot actively move through the border it acts as a solid wall. You can teleport through it but are subject to the damage rules. 
  8. Winner is the last caster standing. 
The rest of the game uses the current Warmachine/Hordes rules (Owned by PP so don’t go stealing their stuff they don’t like it).

So far we have played the following factions with the displayed winners. Some of them are rather surprising.

Cygnar: Darious. Khador: Butcher 1. Cryx: Skarre 1. COC: Axis. Circle: Kromach.

Something interesting in this is that casters with lots of wounds seem to last longer (I guess no real surprise there) but also some of the less utilised casters seem to do very well in this scenario.

We played Mercs a few weeks ago and had another set of surprising results. I’ll do a write up in a different post so you can read the full story (Well as much as I wrote down and can understand from my hand writing.)

We have also tried this set of rules using jacks and it works quite well. At the start of each turn you get full focus and beast can use full fury. I think we did Khador but I can’t find my notes but once I do I’ll do a bit of a write up on it as well.