Monday, 25 February 2013

How to sculpt chain mail by Ogrebane

Chain Mail Tute by OB

There are several ways to do chainmail. Since I first posted this method I have found several more. So here a few of my favorite ways to do chain mail.

OK lets start. I am using GS but this works with any sculpting medium.

There are several ways of making chain mail. I use a couple of different methods depending on what I want as a final result.
Heres a few examples.


This tool was made by drilling a .5mm hole into a piece of round spru. Then a 1.5mm hole then a piece of wire was inserted and a part of the side was cut away. As you can see I practice on blu tac to get the hang of it before I start on GS. 
 I rushed this and wasnt happy with the results but the aim is to push the tool into the one before to simulater the link interlocking. As I have done I practice on blue tak. It is by far the best looking method if done right but this tool was a little too large and the results probably show. Still I would recommend this method if you can get hold of the right tool.

Heres how my chain mail turned out.

You could just as easily use the pin method and come up with alot better results. Unfortunately I didnt take my own advice and rushed this so its not as neat as I would like. But I think it still turned out OK.


This is probably the most common method used. This one is done with a piece of sharpened spru. You can use a needle, piece of wire or anything small and round.

The trick with chain mail is to take your time and try to be neat. Cover the area you are going to do with GS and make all the fold etc. Then very carefully start making your chain mail. The neater you are the better the result.
An example of the pin method


This is by far the best tool I have in my arsinal of sculpting stuff. If you dont have 1 I recommend you get one and get one fast. I use this thing for a plethora of different things besides cuting stuff. It can be used to make wood grain or make horns look more realistic.
My son actually worked out this method so my thanks go to him. I was using the pin method and he was watching and mucking around and picked up my saw and said wouldnt this be quicker. And yes it was. If i was to do this with a pin it would take about 2 hours. with the saw it takes about 10 minutes.
Another example of this method.

Anyway hope that helps. Let me know if you need more of an explaination of just to heckle.

Cheers Aris.