Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Terrain Placeholder

Over the last few months I have been updating my terrain. When we changed from warhammer to warmachine it seemed that the terrain we were using just didnt seemed to work for usa anymore. Also it was a little dated and drab.

So I am going to post some of the terrain I have been building and maybe do a few tutes on terrain at a later date.

As we play tournies at my hoiuse my aim was to have 5 tables worth of terrain and I wanted to have 5 different theme. At the moment I have snow/ice nearly sorted and have a fair bit of swamp terrain. Here are a few examples

Some ice crystals
I build this tp prove a monolith doesnt have to look like a penis.
This is the symbol for the God of trollkins gobber and other such in hordes.

These were made from Maccas slushy lids. The middle piece was all the left over snow I made.

So this igloo was suppose to be a chieftain hut but from the top it looks a little sus. I had to make the entrance shorter.

This is a failed attempt to make a frozen lake. It seems PVA glue isnt a substitute for water effects.

Theres about 8 of these things. I put a few dead bodies in the swamp to make em look more creepy.

I made a few river sections for when we play SAGA. I also did a few bends so it can be used for warmachine as well. I used pva for the water. For the choppy water I user hot glue. I need to use water effects to make the water look more realistic.

A church that I made with menoth decorations.

This is my desert terrain. I want to do some dunes for hills baut not sure how they will look. Otherwaise I have some smaller mesa's I can use for hills.

This started out as an objective marker and got a bit out of hand.

I will post some more soon.