Monday, 25 February 2013

How to sculpt chains by Ogrebane

OK so I stole this from somewhere but Ive added a few of my own pics to prove that it can be done. I like sculpted chanis better as they sit flush on the mini. Anyway each to his own I say so heres the article.

Tools Needed:
Putty, Pointed Tweezers, Dulled X-acto Blade, Dulled Bent Pin
1. Roll out a thin snake of putty and apply to your figure. For the sake of the tutorial I'll leave my snake on a piece of plasti-card.

2. Pinch snake with tweezers at equal intervals. Keep the tweezers at a 90 degree angle to the snake of putty (straight up and down or *perpendicular*)
 3. Press the dulled X-acto blade down flat a quarter of the way in on each side of the snake. This flattens the tops of the horizontal chan links and defines the vertical chain links at the same time. The picture at the bottom shows what it should look like when you're finished.
4. Press holes in the center of each horizontal link.
5. Here's the finished chain. After pressing the holes in the center of each link, I squared off the horizontal links by pressing the X-acto up against each side very gently. Five simple steps and you've got very realistic chain that's castable to boot!

These are two of my maneaters that I prepared earlier.

Takes about 10 minutes to do. Its best to let the GS cure for 1/2 hour before you stick it to your mini. Anyway hope this is helpful.