Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Warmachine Casters for Dummies Part 1

(Now with 40% more hordes)

For those of you that know me (well anyway) you see I struggle sometimes with rules, and my eyes will often glaze over when you start reading the stats of your unit. Now some of this is because I just don’t care that much I just want to roll dice and kill stuff, but some of this is that I think my memory is full and I just cant fit too much more stuff in without losing some of the old stuff. Like my kids names and birthdays.

For awhile now I have an idea to help myself and others who have a similar problem to make up a bunch of Castor/Warlock cards to help when it comes to picking the right army to beat your opponent's castor, or even how to build a list for your own castor.

So what I want is a brief description of the good, the bad and the ugly of each castor that will fit on something the size of a playing card.

What it will contain are things like the name and faction that’s a given, and then a brief of the feat if its needed (not all feats are earth shattering). Also a list of spells that will cause you grief and then the types of play and maybe army make up you can expect.

So here’s an example , and this is from me so its not accurate at all.

KHADOR:   PSorscha

Feat – Icy Gaze
All enemies in her control area and LOS are immobile unless they have immunity to cold.
Play style:Assassination and maybe objective spam if she takes a heap of troops.

What to expect: If your castor is squishy she will get close enough to charge your castor using wind rush, cast tempest to knock down stuff in her way of the castor then feat and freeze everything then game over for the enemy castor.

She supports troops well with fog of war but her stats aren’t great so she wont be assassinating Butcher or Borka.

She also has boundless charge for those extra long charges and Jack support.

Bad things: Her tactics wont work on stealth castors.

To get the ball rolling I would like to do 5 castors each time. So I'll pick a few easy ones.
PSorscha (she's already dressed) for Khador. PKreoss for Menoth. PStryker for Cygnar. PDeneghra for Cryx and last but not least lets try PVyros for the Ret

I dont care what format you put it in but a few comments would help. Maybe put Castor, feat and explaination. other spells and game style and maybe even army compositions. Also weaknesses if any.

Cheers all.