Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ogrebane's Omnium-Gatherum Part 10a


So not much done so far. I have undercoated and washed them. I do a wash mainly so I can see details (Im old and my eyes are going) as well as mould lines. I had to clean a few bit on the Warp Wolf and the caster. I hate the way places they put the mold lines on some of these minis. On the Skin walkers the mould line runs down the haft of the halbert and over the rivets. I lost alot of detail during clean up. I also had to redo some of the skin walkers a green stuff apparently isnt good enough to glue parts together.

So heres a few of the pics so far.
Caster and Argusses.. Argussi.. whatever they are

The big Fella

The skin walkers
No painting tonite it BBQ and beer nite so check back sunday night for some updates.