Sunday, 1 September 2013

Slow Growth league 35 point Torney Sep 28th

Our 35pt Slow growth tourney will be held on 28th September

All are welcome to attend although if you havent played before it would be a good idea to contact one of us to get so additional info on how we play.

So the rules are the same as the last tourney (except for points value) but I'll post them here for you all to read.

35pt Slow Growth Tourney rules

We will be using the Steamroller 2013 with the following changes.

Army is 35 points.
Must be your slow growth army (This is the one you use in all slow growth games)
Must be fully painted. 3 colours and based. (Not really required but encouraged)
Turns will be 8 minutes with 4 minute extension.
4 games will be played with random for the first game and ranked for the rest. (SR says 3 for 8 or less but we play 4 games sorry Ado days too short with only 3 games)
After the first game the players will set up there army for the beauty pageant. Players will pick first and second and the totals will be tallied at the end of the tourney.

Slow growth tourney points rules

1 point for playing a game with your slow growth army
1 point if your army is fully painted (It should be painted)
1 point for playing a player you have never played before.
1 point for playing a faction you have never played
1 point for a win
1 point for a caster kill.

I am also adding some extra ways to make points when you play a tourney

1 point for playing a tourney game with your Slow growth army.
1/4 point for every objective point you get.
4 points for wining the tourney
1 point for any trophy you win.

1 point for holding a KGKT coin at the end of the tourney

Reroll coin rules
The holder of the coin may spend the coin to either reroll 1 dice or reroll all dice in one roll. The coin cannot be used to reroll a reroll. To spend a coin you hand it to your opponent. He may then spend it as above. The coin can only be used once a turn but may be used as many times during a games as turns permit. You may hold as many coins as you like. Coins are only usable in the year they are issued.

You can acquire league point with the coin in the following ways.
1 point if you have a coin at the start of the tourney
1 point for every game you hold a coin and don't spend it.
1 point if you have a coin at the end of the tournament.
You can only acquire league points with the coin if it is a slow growth tourney.
You may only use the coin at KGK tourneys.

Coins are issued as follows.
At the start of the year the person in the first tourney of the year who is the lowest person on the league table who has actually played at least one game will be issued a coin.
The person who finishes lowest on the table will be given a coin.

I believe Eddie and Ado hold a coin becuase I Jay spent his coin in a normal game last month (and still failed his leadership roll :D ). Not sure who got the coin in Jun but there are 3 of them out there now.

There should be 6 trophies this month. The person who won the trophie last time has to make the trophie this time.
Trophie making rules are as follows.
  1. It must cost under $5
  2. It must take less than 3 hours to make
  3. It must be made by the person who won it last. 
The trophies are as follows
  1. First place. (Needs a cool name like Field marshal trophie or something) (Ado to make)
  2. Best painted army (This needs a cool name to like Parade ready or some such I'll have to think about it) (I won that one so me again)
  3. Assassin: Fastest caster kill (I think Parfiet won this one)
  4. Genocide: Highest army points killed (Matt got this 1 from memory)
  5. Slayer award: for the model (selected by the player) who takes the most boxes during the tourney.
  6. Fat Controller: The person who claims the most control points. (Eddie to make)
We also have the coin for the last place.

So as I see it just for playing you should walk out with 12 points on the table (and maybe 13 cause you should win a trophy). Give me a message if you intend to come along cause if I get 8 players I will register it on the wanking ranking site.