Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Kooinda Gaming Klub Slow growth League table for September

September 2013
│Pos│  Name   │Faction│Games│Games│ New │ New │Paint│Castr│Torny│Total │
│   │         │       │Ply'd│ Won │Playr│Factn│ Pnts│Kills│Pnts │      │
│ 1 │Kortez   │Cygnar │  39 │  23 │   6 │   8 │  18 │  12 │11.50│116.50│
│ 2 │Ado      │Mercs  │  21 │  16 │   7 │   7 │  21 │   9 │28.75│109.75│
│ 3 │Jay      │Legion │  40 │  14 │   7 │   9 │  16 │  10 │11.50│108.50│
│ 4 │Eddie    │Cryx   │  29 │  17 │   5 │   5 │  15 │  11 │26.00│108.00│
│ 5 │Aris     │Pirates│  22 │   6 │   6 │   7 │  13 │   3 │13.00│ 70.00│
│ 6 │Foster   │Ret    │  11 │   7 │   6 │   6 │   7 │   3 │13.25│ 53.25│
│ 7 │Matt-Man │Khador │   8 │   6 │   5 │   5 │   4 │   3 │10.00│ 41.00│
│ 8 │Alan?    │Cryx   │   8 │   3 │   5 │   5 │   4 │   1 │10.25│ 36.25│

Update: I missed a few games. Kort should have 1 extra new player and 2 extra new factions Jay should have 2 extra new factions

5th sept. kort vs jay, EStryker tier4 (cygnar) vs Bethane (legion). Mass carnage on both sides of the table. His heavy beasts were unable to destroy both stormclads, during my feat turn I killed both the beasts and advanced and swung at Beth with a boost boost (that part of the feat is just silly :D) but he transferred to a shredder, it died and Beth took 5ish damage. His turn he went for it with some arched spells a light beast and a spell from a shard member surviving a free strike and a lone spell slinger dude. Dust settled and stryker was left on 6 due to a couple poor rolls. My follow up turn 3focus to the jack in combat with Beth and a positive charge on the jack within 3" of it finished the game.

Kort 1pt play.1pt win. 1pt caster. 
Jay 1pt play

7th sep. kort vs jay. PHaley (cygnar) vs pLylyth (legion) he had Rhys as his second list so I dropped Haley just in case

Rather non eventful game with jay staying back and shooting me with everything and me responding with the same manner. I popped feat too early and it had no effect. Jay went for a caster kill with plylyth carnivean and CRA from striders. Lylyth had to spend the first shot to clear out a lightning pod for LOS to Haley and did poor on the damage roll. Carni was out for a spray 10! Just.... And the striders rolled average. My turn plays out with colossal shooting lylyth after tem barrier was cast. Haley also shot her and a lone B13 member. After that the stormGuard went in. Hit for 5ish, miss,miss,miss,miss and then hit!! Game was done

Kort 1pt play.1pt win.1pt caster.
Jay 1pt play.1pt paint

9Sep WARMACHINE Monday kicked off with kort V jay.

Jays two lists were Plylyth and Absilonia? I stuck with Estryker and Phaley. I choose Phaley once again coz stryker just won't handle all the poison shots and stealth striders. Jay dropped Plylyth again. 

Jay won the roll for first and did so promptly. 

Everything of his ran with all buffs put on lylyth and bttle group, as all good players do. Much the same happend for me with arc shield and tough went on stormguard. Hayley tried a shot but was out due to stealth which I forgot and it hurt my plans as I was going to spell the unit to death! Oh well she was, safe? Behind the guards. Stormwall trampled and placed a pod killing a strider and damaging the solo. Gun mages advanced to the hill with the colossal and tried to shoot em some stealth, but couldn't hit. 

Jay replied with all his units shooting and after the dust settled two guards were down and two on the ground due to tough. Lylyth came out of the forest and shot at a tempest taking him out. Carnivean tried to spray at 3 of the mages but missed. 

My turn went off with 3 focus on stormy and kept arc shield with squire. I contemplated for a while deciding what to do as all of his force was basically on my side of the table a flanking raptors and Anissa too close for comfort. I decided to go for it, as lylyth had come out of hiding the previous turn. We went with Haley going first popping feat and giving the mages dead eye. StormGuard tied up maybe 2 raptors running thru the forest thanks to the piper and charging some striders. With an insane amount of attack only one connected and two died in total due to an electric leap however the gun mages advanced and brutal shot at lylyth eventually chewing thru the transfers and leaving her on 3? Damage. So the stormwall went for it. Needing 13 to hit with 3 big gun shots they were all boosted...... Miss....miss... 13!!! That was that:)

Kort 1pt play 1pt win 1pt caster. 
Jay 1pt play 1pt paint

Warmachine wednesday is back

11 Sep Warmachine Monday/Wednesday was with Eddie vs kort, cryx v cygnar. We had a Asphy 3 tier list and Terminus. I was running my Estryker teir list and Phaley. 

Eddy dropped Terminus and as I don't have all of my stryker list with me I dropped Phaley. Eddie won the roll for first and took it, as he wanted a couple of turns to be able to run. And everything did so. 

I ran with storm guards and gave them tough and arc shield. Haley was "just" out of a temp barrier to his colossal. Gun mages advanced into position on the right flank and the colossal dropped a pod (why not) and two covering fires.

Eddie's turn was more running and his colossal drew first blood onto mine with a unicorn shot. He ran a mechanic solo onto my farthest left flag (as the centre one was the one too disappear).

I pounded for awhile but ended up feating in my next turn and shooting down some dead with Haley. My storm guard received the pathfinder ability thanks to the piper and charge/ran. They cleared out a few dead and two of the brute thralls. My colossal tried to catch the stitch surgeon but she sack pawned.....twice, I was sure the second one was out, but.... So we shot at the last brute and took him out and of course layed out some templates. Gun mages did much of the same but only half the unit was in feat range so they only managed to take out 4 or so dead. I pass the turn... 

Edd replies with Termi feating and casting berserk on himself he went in and cleared 5 guards, leaving him on a stoopid amount of Arm. The kraken took out a few more guards, feeding Termi. I think at this stage he's at Arm 28? 

So my turn started and I look over at the clock...... I hav 5 or so min left :( oh well, I go for it. i try getting the "crit" to knock Termi down from the mages bullets, but dice says no so the colossal goes in and at dice minus 8 i do a total of 7? To Termi. 

His turn starts with Termi allocating 3 to kraken and Termi upkeeps a spell. Kraken kill colossal and Termi charges Haley, nuff said....

Eddie 1pt play, 1pt win & 1pt caster
Kort 1pt play

11 Sep At Good games. Jay played some random. So Jay vs Tim (Khador). No details but Jay gets play paint and new player for 3 points

12 sep Aris vs Kort Heres a link to the write up The write up
     Kort 1pt win 1pt caster & 1pt play
    Aris 1pt play

16/9/13 Warmachine Monday. Was a perfect day for gaming out at redbank plains, finally a lil wet weather.
So we had Kort with Cygnar (Phaley and Estryker) and Jay with legion (Plylyth and Abby) 

I dropped Haley again and jay took Abby. Jay went first and everything ran with buffs put on for good measure.

I ran most of my stuff and arc shield went out on Murdock's boomhowlers and temporal barrier catching the arch angel and bolt thrower (happy days :D)!Stormwall layed out some covering fire and dropped a pod and the booms called super tough and ran to screen Haley who decided to dominate the objective this turn. End of my turn and I decided to place the objective within my zone hoping to get a good start to the scenario. 

I pass the turn 

Jays turn plays out with the arch angel shooting the boomhowlers in front of Haley, he toughs but dies to the last strafe shot. Jay "activates the Ravagore, casts his animus, boosts to hit and damage" and deals 12 to Haley setting her on fire, needing 13 on three dice he rolls trip 6's!! 

Wat are ya gunna do, these things happen in dice games. So I just stop jay from anything farther, roll one dice for fire, doesn't go out, so I shake his hand. 

Quick game... 
          Kort 1pt play AND 1pt paint 
          Jay 1pt play 1pt win 1pt caster Kill 

17 Sep Eddie v Jay heres the link to the game descriptionThe write up
          Eddie play, won, caster kill =3pts
          Jay play, painted=2pts

20 Sep Kort vs Aris Linky The other write up
          Dad 1pt play 1pt win 1pt caster
          Kort 1pt play 1pt paint

25 sep Warmachine games at Jay's tonight: Played Jay, My Prime Magnus Vrs Jay's Absylonia

Jay had an Archangel, Ravagore, Nephilim Bolt Thrower, shredder and smattering of support models

I had 2 Nomads, Renegade , Gunmages with UA with marshaled Mule, Tactical Arcanist Corps and support.

Scenario was Chemical Reaction. Jay had the first turn and like a good player got all his buffs out (No paying for them again) and run crap up the table staying central to the table with his force.

I also got my buffs out (also no paying for upkeeps) moved towards his army and his zone, popped my feat in the first turn to run my battle group towards a wall between the zones threatening his army.

Jay moved both the bolt thrower and ravagore to take shots at my caster (ops!) caster took no damage due to Jay's crappy roll but was set on fire (Shit!) the Archangel moved to engage one of my Nomads hitting over a wall and doing damage but still rolling on the derppy side!

this turn shot my once per game renegade shot knocking down but the ravagore and bolt thrower, ignoring the archangel both my nomads put these two beasts down and my caster dominated my zone for a point. Fire did 1 point of damage to Magnus and went out in the following turn.

At this stage the achangel was engaged with two Nomad (one really beaten up) and a Mule and losing two key pieces (Ravagore and bolt thrower) was giving Jay fits, he continued to roll crappy dice on my jacks - Killing the Mule with Absylonia and leaving one of my Nomad in a few hit points. 

I continue to throw out damage and dominate my own zone till this forces Jay to use the Achangel to take a ranged assassination attempt on Magnus which as the game has been going failed miserably (Derpy Dice) 

   Win to Me by scenario, fully painted.   3 points
   Jay get play  Jay's army by the way is starting to look amazing looking forward to a review of his army on the main website soon.

Second Game vrs Kort (my Drake Mcbain!! vers EStriker)

Kort had a stom wall and storm knights with 2 gun attachment and UA, black 13th and normal Cygnar Support 

I was running the gallon (Colossus show down!) Boomhowlers and Forge guard and support. 

Mission was destruction. 

Early turns involve moving toward the objective and putting out our buffs as per most games of warmachine. One note the booms took 4+ tough and counter measure and run straight at Korts force - this is my favorite tactic against Shooting armies. 

This game can be summed up with if you frustrate your opponent into making mistakes you win. 

Counter Measures Booms that cannot die stop a cygnar army from doing most, not all of their cool stuff and the galleon was having a field day doing damage to objectives and anything else he could get in line of sight. and Kort just couldn't escape the countermeasured Boomhowlers not through a lack of trying. 

I think Kort just got sick of my hard control and ran Striker straight through my lines on full camp then got crit smite buy a forge guard and stomped to death by the galleon - Sorry Kort! I feel bad but a win is a win 

Win for me Caster Kill, fully painted. 

August 2013
│Pos│  Name   │Faction│Games│Games│ New │ New │Paint│Castr│Torny│Total │
│   │         │       │Ply'd│ Won │Playr│Factn│ Pnts│Kills│Pnts │      │
│ 1 │Eddie    │Cryx   │  27 │  15 │   5 │   5 │  15 │   9 │26.00│102.00│
│ 2 │Ado      │Mercs  │  17 │  12 │   7 │   7 │  17 │   7 │28.75│ 95.75│
│ 3 │Kortez   │Cygnar │  30 │  19 │   5 │   6 │  16 │   8 │11.50│ 95.50│
│ 4 │Jay      │Legion │  33 │  13 │   6 │   7 │  12 │  10 │11.50│ 92.50│
│ 5 │Aris     │Pirates│  20 │   5 │   6 │   7 │  13 │   2 │13.00│ 66.00│
│ 6 │Foster   │Ret    │  11 │   7 │   6 │   6 │   7 │   3 │13.25│ 53.25│
│ 7 │Matt-Man │Khador │   8 │   6 │   5 │   5 │   4 │   3 │10.00│ 41.00│
│ 8 │Alan?    │Cryx   │   8 │   3 │   5 │   5 │   4 │   1 │10.25│ 36.25│

I know I missed a few games. Can you post you game on the facebook page and maybe some colored text (yes I went there)

Forgot a game with Eddie and Foster. Foster won by Caster Kill for 3 points and Eddie gets 2 point for play and painted.