Monday, 2 September 2013

Ogrebane's Omnium-Gatherum

I have a collection of Tutorials on this site but I thought I might also put my wips here as well.

So what is an omnium-gatherum

Oxford dictionay Definition is:

A miscellaneous collection; a hodgepodge.

Latin omnium, genitive pl. of omnis, all; see op- in Indo-European roots + gatherum (mock-Latinate alteration of gather)

So this will be a collection of works that I will display on this page. I have another page that I display my minis on but I dont see the need to maintain two pages so I will probably move them to here as well

I started this page mainly because I finally got Eddie (Grimjaw) to post a wip of his Wold Wrath and I didn't want to be out done by him.

The first thing I will be showing here will be my wips for my Galleon.

One of the things I dislike about the Warmachine minis is the chicken legged jacks. Apart from the extremely narrow waistes that hold up the 14 ton monsters.

The Galleon in my opinion is a very Ugly mini and the chicken legs on it dont help at all. Ive found with PP that the better the stats of a model the worse the miniature is. Maybe its a way to sell them I dont know but one thing about the galleon is its uglyness. So I am going to see if I can fix it. I liked the way the legs looken on the Cygnar Colossus and a toyed with buying them and putting them on but decided against it.

There will be alot of technical things required for this build. Im not a mechanic so I may get the leg assembly's all wrong but it is fantasy after all so hopefully any little mistakes can be forgiven.

So first up is a bunch of wips for the base. I want it to fit in with the rest of the pirates so the paint scheme has already been chosen.

Hopefully this will look better when I add the water over the top. I will tint some clear resin with a blueish green then build waves over the top once the right leg is put in place.

Still need to do some highlight and shading. I will also add some things to the warf like barrels and crates.

These are some wip shots of how I want the legs to look. I origanally was going to cut out the knee joint and lower leg but Ive decided to just cut out the lower leg and build it onto the knee joint.

OK not the greatest pic but I think you can get the gist of what I am trying to do here. The hardest part will be shaping the greave (I think thats what its called) I will try and shape it similar to the other pirate jacks.

So next time I will hopefully be able to show a fully formed hip and leg section.


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