Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ogrebane's Omnium-Gatherum Part 2

Collossus legs

I had to have a rethink of the legs. I wanted the big fella to be walking up the beach but the rest of my army was built the other way around so I repositioned the legs like below.

 I need to do a few small tweeks with the legs and they will be done. Im still not sure how I will shape the greeves yet but I dont think they will be too elaborate as I want to see the pistons etc.

Instead of starting a new thread I'll just put the update here. I remodelled the legs. They are nnow ready for paint. I added some crates to the base and I will add extra details as I go.

Ok for now the legs are done. I may do some battle damage later but paint wise it will do. I still have to do the water effects on the base and maybe a small bit of deco (Like a bot fishing on the pier)

SO here is what I have


  1. Looks good man. Maybe to add a bit of depth to the water have him dipping his toe in to check the temperature. Ripples round that would look good too.

  2. Water not done yet but i want a guy fishing of the pier and not noticing thr collossus