Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ogrebane's Omnium-Gatherum Part 11


I think this one needs a new number

OK so trolls are my faction for this year's slow growth league and I want to use Mulg. The actual model is WAY too small so I'm going to make him out of the Extreme Mauler model. Now I know you've seen it before but I am going to try and put my spin on it. For instance I don't think the extreme sculpt is big enough so I will be extending the body and re-sculpting most of the legs.

Here is what Im starting with.

I will use the extreme head as well. Mulg's head is too small for this body.

I have made a mould of his left hand as I didn't like the idea of trying to open his fist to put a club in it so I hope that works out. Comments are welcome.