Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 16B: Wretched gets a mount part 2.

More work done on this project. I finally got some plastic glue so Wretched is now fleshed out as is the base. I have nearly finished with the fur on the Rhinox. Can't say I'm 100% happy with how it turned out but once it is covered in armour and painted I'm hoping it wont be so noticeable.

Anyway here are the latest pics for your edification.

This is the base. Its 100x50mm. The bottom is made from 2mm plastic with sprue around the edge to give
the chiselled look. The main rock is made from condensed foam covered on green stuff. The other rocks
are made from the same condensed foam. I will cover this in black paint mixed with PVA to give it some
strength. I want to do a bit more like a small tree etc.I just hope I don't go over board.

Rhinox on the base for size comparison. In Warhammer all the Ogre characters had Knoblars as sword bearers or to take the first hit etc so I am going to carry this on with this guy. He will stand in for the healing item for now.

The big guy on his mount. Sword is scratch built and will have some Fleur de lis' added to it. How its made is in the Tutorial section of this blog.

Click here for How to make Plastic weapons
Click here to go to Tutorial menu.

Another angle of Sirrah Wretched. You can see from these how the body, arms
and legs have been extended to make him the biggest ogre on the block

This shows the size comparison of my ogres compared to original.
This version of Wretched is about the same size as the other version
but as he is sitting down its hard to do a direct comparison.

So next bit is the Caparison for the Rhinox. Once that's done I can put a saddle on the Rhinox and start shaping Wretched to sit properly on him.

Let me know what you think.