Monday, 14 December 2015

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum part-14C: Rune basics.

I based all the Runeshapers but I forgot to take a wip shot of the bases so the first pic you see is actually from the first unit of runeshapers I finished last month. The idea is the same I take some Garden mulch bark and stick it to the base, then use a piece of wire as the support for the spell effect of the ground being ripped up and flung. I tried to do a few more interesting ideas for the new lot to keep it interesting. let me know what you think.

May have gone a bit over board with a few of these. One of the good things about taking pics is it picks up everything. One of the bad things about taking pics is it picks up everything. A few bits to cleen up on the flesh it would seem.

These are for gaming so as I said I wasn't overly fussy but I will do a little bit more finishing touches on some of these guys,

Still need to do snow and grass on the base but  I like where they are going atm.

This is the UA for the bushwackers. Didn't think they needed their own blog so just chucked em in here.

Anyway hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment.