Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum part-14a: The runes take shape.

Last time I showed a unit of Runeshapes. I did a bit of work on the bases but the rest was straight forward with no mods at all.

So as some of you know I don't like all my minis looking the same so for the other 3 units I mixed up the bits a little.

Here's a look of what I've done before I put paint on them.

I had to make a mould of the bald head as it was pretty much destroyed when I removed it.
I have a few ideas in mind to show the spell effect they have.
I will mix the units up a bit better so all the trolls don't have the same head or body in each unit.

And here is a quick peek of the new unit attachment for the troll bush wackers. The mortar was a prick to put together as I couldn't use super glue.

Anyway let me know what you think so far.