Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Ogrebane's Omnium-Gatherum Part 12. Awash with Legion

As part of the Immoran's deadliest warrior - Light war beasts, I wanted a pic of all our beasts that were in the finals. The only one (well actually there were two) that wasn't painted was Raek which Ado had an under-coated model here. The other was a Rotterhorn Griffon but I cant tell a Rotterhorn from a Scarfell so we used that instead.

Anyway Ado wanted me to write down the paint formulas so I thought I'd put it here. So here are a few pics to start off.

The body was done with a mix of PP 2 parts Greycoat grey 1 part white and 1 part Cygnar blue. This was watered 2 to 1 to make a wash then washed onto the skin parts. Then I washed this with a blue ink watered down and once dry I added more white to the base and high lighted any bits too dark. Kind of a soft dry brush.

Any part of the bones with blue on it I repainter white then used GW blood red watered 2 to 1 and washed all the bone moving the brush towards the recess and leaving a small line of white. Any bits of the edge that had too much red on I hit with a wet brush to get rid of the red.

Next I hit the recesses with strong wash from Army Painter. This was watered maybe 1 to 1 and in the bigger parts 2 or 3 washes were done.

And lastly was the teeth and horns etc. They were painted white then washed with Soft wash from Army painter then re-highlighted with watered down white. The gums and mouth area was painted with a watered down red as well.

Easy as, hope that helps Ado.