Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Immoren's Deadliest Warrior - Kooidaminda Thunderdome! Light Warbeasts.

Immoren’s Deadliest Warrior, Light Warbeasts

As we do from time to time when we get together, we like to pit each type of warrior or beast together to see who will be Immoren’s Greatest Warrior (or in this case light warbeast). So the night before our March tournament we decided to do the light warbeasts. Rather than do it faction by faction and pit the beast of each faction against each other we decided to do them all at once. I think there are only about 30 ish of them so we played 7 Games and then the final. So I would like to present a brief of how that went. Now tis is for funsies so dont read too much into it even though the winner wasnt a surprise. Alot of the abilities of the warbeasts work better when supporting other beast etc so certain types do better in game than in this style of play. Also the draw was random so the person playing the beast wasnt necessarily the best person to be using the beast (The Impaler is a good example). Anyway hope you enjoy.

We had 5 players so for the first few rounds we had 5 beasts in the ring. I think 4 would have been enough.  All wartbeasts were allowed to use a full roster of fury each round and it would be removed for the next turn.

Game 1.
At this point each of the 5 factions had warbeasts available so we randomly selected one from each faction.

First is the Nefalin Blood seer. A few of his ability's wont work here but a reach weapon and flight are nice to have.
Next up the Slagtroll. Regen for the win and spewing acid (although much better against Jacks.) Corrosion is not so scary really.
Then we have the Argus. Vanilla two headed dog with a debuff bark. Hmm nuff said.
Ok so this one was new to me, A gun Boar. A boar with a cannon stuck to its back. The best part is if it gets killed the beast killing it gets to snack on all that bacon. MMMMMMMMMMM bacon.
And last up in the Cyclops Raider. SO its got a gun and a snipe ability I guess that's good.

Turn 1. Here is the lay out.

Gunboar is first and advances towards the Slag troll. Argus runs to the center nefalin runs at the Argus Slag troll moves and shoots at the Gunboar but misses.

Turn 2. Gunboar moves and shoots at the Argus. Argus with 360 deg line of sight charges the Gunboar which has its animus up so attacks the Argus and misses. Argus tries to get him some bacon and misses second attack hts but no dmg. Cyclops takes a shot at the Nefalin and scratches some paint then the Nef moves to the center. Slag troll takes a shot at the Gunboar. HIts but no dmg (corroded though) The walls move in but everyone is safe from them.

Turn 3. Boar rolls for corrosion and fails. We can all smell bacon. The Gunboar moves behind the Argus and attacks.does 11 points of dmg. Spurred on by his succeesses he wails at the poor puppy and kills it. Cyclop shoots at the Boar and does 4 pts of dmg, now he has its attention. The Nefalin charges the Boar but fails then is shot at by the Slag troll who puts some corrosion on  him.  Wall move and turn ends.

Turn 4. Boars corrision goes out then he tries to throw the Nefalin out of the ring but fails his strength test. Must be that big cannon he is carrying. Cyclops aims at the Nefalin and takes out a row. Nef makes his corrosion check then moves from a back shot of the Slag troll. Smacks the Boars around and kills it then comps on the bacon and heals 2 dmg. Slag moves to Nefs back arc and shoots him for 7 dmg. Nef is struggling now. Second shot misses. Walls move everyone is safe,

Turn 5. Cyclops moves to get a shot on the Slag troll. Both are unhurt at the moment. Cyclops hits the Troll for 3 dmg pfffft really and that was boosted.  Nef takes corrosion dmg then advance to Slag troll. Attacks but misses 3 times. Slag hits the Nefalin and kills it.

Turn 6. Cyclops shoot the Slag and takes out his body. Slag shoots back and wings the cyclops.
Turn 7. Same thing this round the Slag is coming off second best here. Slag decides to charge the Cyclops but with no body dmg is low.
Turn the end. A few rounds of slapping each other and the Cyclops eventually kills the troll. Thanks to regen he stayed alive for a couple extra rounds.

So First game goes to the Cyclops Raider. Shooting seems to be a bit of a theme here.

Game 2

Seems the shooters did well last game. Lets see if thier luck holds up. The contestants for this round are
The Swamp Troll. He can shoot with his tounge but then he has to drag them into for combat. Great against small bases but not so much here.
Nephilim Protector is great in defence but maybe not so good in attack. Will this help him last the distance.
Razorwing Griffon might do alright if he can get a slam  but otherwise he is better against smaller target.
The Razor Worm might be good against shooting especially templates but will the hand to hand do him in (especially since he has no hands)
And lkast is the Bone swarm. Once again maybe better against smaller target if it can kill it can boost att and dmg but its got to get in close to do that.

Turn 1. So Razor worm goes first and runs towards the center and digs in. Protector moves behind the razor Worm ready for a rear charge (I dont think Jay was using him). Bone Swarm advances, Griffin moves behind Bone Swarm then Swamp troll advances. Everyone tip toeing around and looking for an opening.

Turn 2.  Razor Worm moves to the Center and digs in. Protector charges the razor Worm but fails. Next the Bone Swarm charges the Razor worm and does a total of 5 dmg. Griffin shuffles Swamp troll uses his animi swarm then moves towards the center. Walls move and everyone is inside the area. What an action packed turn that was. There was plenty of mincing and a little meandering and someone was slapped in the face. What will happen next.

Such a pretty little thing. I don't know why more people wont take him.
Turn 3. Razor worm attacks the Bone swarm does 3 dmg (just a tickle really) The Protector charges Razor Worm hits it and takes out its spirit and mind. Not looking good for him.Bone Swarm charges Razor worm, kills it and gets a corpse token and uses it to heal. Griffon charges Bone swarm. Boosts to hit and does 5 dmg, hits again for 1. Swamp troll moves from center and shoots but misses.

Turn 4. Everyone hits everyone except the Swamp troll which shoots at Protector, misses then tries for the Griffon and misses. Wall closing in fast everyone is now in the center.

Turn 5. Protector Hits and kills the Bone swarm then casts his animi to stop him from being thrown out of the ring. Griffon charges Protector and kills it. Swamp troll who cant hit with its toungue charges the Griffon and takes out its mind. Griffon hits back but no damage then the Swamp troll finishes the job to go through to the finals.

Well that escalated quickly. Once one of the spirals go they are pretty useless but not being able to be forced is a death sentence to a light warbeast.

I'll do the next rounds in a latter post so stay tuned.