Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Immoren Deadliest Warrior - Mercs.

This week’s match is the Mercenaries. A deadlier bunch you will not ever come across (except for every other faction). They may not have tournament wining game but they were very entertaining in the Arena.

We took all the Warcasters and rolled a dice to randomly select who would be playing. We split them into 4 rounds so the final would have 4 contestants.

For a rehash of the rules go check this page Immoren Deadliest Warrior - The Rules.

Round 1

Constance Blaise (Apparently she is a merc), Gorten Grundback, General Ozzie Ossrum and Drake McBain.

This one didn’t last long. Gortan charged drake fails the charge. Ozzie uses snipe and takes a shot at Drake and misses. Drake charges Ozzie then camps after failed hit. Constance advances. Drake shoots Ozzie leqving him on 6 wounds then Drake kills Gorton. Ozzie decides to charge Constance and casts bullet dodger. 

After several rounds Constance kills Ozzie, Then Constance kills Drake to go on to the final. Lots of shooting in this round and a few rubber swords.

Round 2

3 Warcasters in this round.
Durgan Madhammer, Captain Damiano and Fiona (I’m not really a pirate) The Black.

My money was on Durgan. My money was wrong.

Turn 1: Dergan ran. Damiano casts surefoot and ran (maybe he charged). Fiona advanced.

Turn 2: Dergan aims at Damiano for 5pts of dmg and casts inhospitable ground. Damiano shoots back for 2 dmg. Fiona takes a walk.

Turn 3: Like the last turn Durgan aims at Damiano get 4 dmg on him. Damiano feats and charges Durgan and fails the charge. Fiona still strutting around.

Turn 4: Durgan shoots at Fiona for 4 dmg. Damiano runs towards Fiona (I suspect at this stage kort decided he wanted an all girl final). Fiona takes a free strike to cast a spell at Durgan but misses.

Turn 5: Durgan feats and charges Fiona. Hits her twice for total of 4 dmg. Damiano charges and after two hits kills Gurgan but has no focus left. Fiona then kills Damiano to go to the final.

Round 3

Magnus the Warlord, Ashlynn D'Elyse and Captain Bartolo Montador.

Turn 1: Emag casts mobility and charges 10” towards the middle. Ash casts quicken and advances and Bart casts hotshot and advances.

Turn 2: Em casts mobility charges bart (fails). Ash upkeeps quicken and shoots Em. Bart upkeeps hotshot and advances.

Turn 3: Em camps. Ash upkeeps quicken and shoots at Em and misses again. And Bart upkeeps Hotshot.

Turn 4: Groundhog day. Em camps. Ash upkeeps quicken and moves. Bart shoots Em. Hits but no dmg and call feat.

Turn 5: Groundhog day again. Em camps. Ash shoots Bart. Bart shoots Ash. No dmg. Ash caught outside border takes 3 dmg.

Turn 6: Em feats causes Ash to be caught outside border again so she takes another 3 dmg. (Em feats call for picking a table edge. We had a lively discussion because technically there is only one edge in a circle so we decided it was pick two directions which are technically table edges.). Bart charges Ash and does 6 more dmg.

Turn 7: Em casts mobility and charges Bart. Hits and does 4 dmg hits again and knocks down Bart. Bart ends up outside the border and takes 6 more dmg for a total of 11 so far. Ash upkeeps quicken, then runs to center. Bart stands up and attacks Em. After a few rounds manages to Kill him. Bart outside border so takes another 4 dmg.

Turn 8: Ash upkeeps quicken and charges Bart. Bart has no focus and is killed by Ashlynn.

3rd girl into the finals.

Round 4: The final qualifier.

We have Shae (who they say is a little girly but I call it good dress sense) Pmagnus (the traitor) and Exulon Thexus (the puppet master)

So they decided that Shae was the token girl and may have skewed this one (although eddie was playing ET and was keen to see him do well)

Turn 1: Shae casts storm rager and moves 6”. Pmag casts blur and charges Shae (fails charge). ET camps and mvs.

Turn 2: Shae UK Stormrager and moves 6”. Pmag upkeeps blur and runs. ET moves and casts TK on Pmag.

Turn 3: Shae same same now in the middle. Shoots at Pmag and hits but no dmg. PM runs at ET. ET tries to TK Pmag but misses. Then TKs again and puts Pmag outside the border. Pmag takes 5 dmg.

Turn 4: Shae upkeeps stormrager feats then charges ET.Hits ET for 9dmg then 2nd attack kills ET. Pmag moves and shoots Shae for 7 dmg. Wall does 2 dmg to Shae.

Turn 5: Shae upkeeps Stormrager and charges Pmag. Hits for 7dmg 2nd hits for 4 dmg and 3rd attack kills Pmag.

So Shae goes into the final. Will his pretty boy charm win him the match? Stay tuned for the next instalment.

I’ll write up the final in its own section cause it was a long games.

We have in order of turn. Captain Phinneus (Errol Flynn) Shae, Ashlynn (the one with the flag) D'Elyse, Fionna (I’m not a pirate) the Black and lastly but by no means leastly Constance (I’m really working for Cygnar) Blaize, Knight of the Prophet.

Thanks for reading.