Monday, 16 February 2015

Immoren Deadliest Warrior Mercenaries the Finals

So back again for the exciting final. To recap here are the finalists in order of turn.

Captain Phinneus (Errol Flynn) Shae, Ashlynnn (the one with the flag) D'Elyse, Fionna (I’m not a pirate) the Black and last but by no means least Constance (I’m really working for Cygnar) Blaize, Knight of the Prophet.

Captain Phinneus Shae, who works for the talion charter. Probably the prettiest of the mercs. His swash buckling ability will make sure that even when he is down he won’t be out. He can also handle a sword quite well and attack multiple foes, but it’s his feat which pound for pound is the best in the game, that should see him in combat quickly.

Ashlynnn D'Elyse. She was so good they resculpted her and by our favourite aussie sculptor to boot. A paramount warrior who is hard to hit. A bit of a gamble on feat turn so let’s hope she has what it takes.

Fionna the Black. Hmmm not a pirate, not a fighter, but she is pure evil and that’s gotta count for something.

Constance Blaize. Kinda the opposite of Fiona and all round goody goody. Her feat won’t do her much good here but I’m sure all that armour and big sword will come in handy.

Turn 1: Shae starts with his signature move of casting stormrager and advancing 3” to stay ahead of the walls. Ashlynn does her move of casting quicken and advancing 3” Fiona moves 6” and Constance casts banishing ward and moves 3”. A very exciting round that one.

Turn 2: Déjà vu, Shae upkeeps stormrager and moves 3”. Ashlynn upkeeps quicken moves 5” and shoots at Fiona. Hits but no damage. Fiona moves forward 3” and Constance upkeeps banishing ward and advance 3”.

Turn3: The last turn had me on the edge of my seat what will happen this turn. Stay tuned and find out.

Shae does a cut and paste, Ashlynn upkeeps quicken then charges Fiona. Boosts to hit and does 1 dmg. Fiona hits and does no dmg. Constance runs at Shae.

Turn 4:  Shae does the stormrager and moves to attack Constance. Hits her twice and moves her back 2”. Shae ends his turn outside the border and takes 2 dmg. Ashlynn upkeeps quicken then attacks Fiona. No dmg. Fiona moves then camps. Constance moves inside the border and takes a freestrike for 5dmg.

Turn 5: Shae upkeeps stormrager then moves into the center. Ashlynn swings at Fiona. Fiona feats and camps. Constance advances towards Ashlynn.

Turn 6: Shae upkeeps stormrager (Thank god for copy and paste). Shae shoots at Ashlynn and misses but now he has her attention and flashes his pearly whites at her. Ashlynn moves towards Constance and swings but misses. Fiona camps (Patience is a virtue apparently). Constance takes a free stike for no damage then flashing blades against Fiona and Ashlynn for 6 damage each. 2nd attack misses.

So blood was spilt, names were called and phone number exchanged. It’s really heating up now.

Turn 7: Shae upkeeps stormrager and charges Ashlynn. Ashlynn admons behind Shae. Ashlynn then casts admon and moves taking a free strike from Constance for 5 dmg. Fiona charges Ashlynn but no dmg then camps. Constance charges Ashlynn who admons away. Constance camps.

Lots of stuff happening and a few bloody noses and broken finger nails. Let the hair pulling continue.

Turn 8: Shae does his upkeep moves towards Constance. Attacks Ashlynn and kills her. I gues there will be no second date. Fiona attacks Constance and does 7 dmg. Buys another attack and boosts for 3 more dmg. Constance Kills Shae (Jealousy is a curse) then flashing blades Fiona.

OK we are down to the wire. Good vs Evil, Right vs Wrong, The Popular Girls vs the Book Geek.

Turn 9: Fiona attacks Constance. Boosts hit and damage for 1 point (ouch). Buy and boost 2nd for 3 then camps with 2 focus. Constance feels that it is all or nothing and boosts to hit for 8 dmg. Then buys boosts a 2nd attack and misses so buys boosts a 3rd and kills Fiona. Walks over to Fiona and says “How do you like me now BIATCH!!”

So Constance wins this one. We were originally going to put her in with the Cygnar bunch but decided she was better suited here. It’s been a pattern in these types of matches were the tanks just seem to do much better. Still she is no slouch with a blade and deserved the win.

Next time we hope to do Legion. Should be a fun game.

Thanks for reading. Cheers