Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Statistics - Battle Engines

Stats for all 12 Battle Engines. Compared to the spreadsheets for Infantry and Casters this was easy

The Statistics

Average stat for battle engine are:

5 11 4 5 10 19 10 9 22

Again a more precise breakdown is

Hordes 5.33 11.50 4.33 4.50 9.83 19.00 10.00 9.00 21.67
Warmachine 5.33 10.33 3.00 5.33 10.00 19.00 10.00 9.17 21.33
Total 5.33 10.92 3.67 4.92 9.92 19.00 10.00 9.08 21.50

Basically the Arcantrik Force Generator skews the number a bit but it’s real close.

By doing the (+1 and -1) based against the average here are the results on base stats

Faction Name Stat Score
Cygnar Storm Strider 0
Menoth Vessel of Judgement -1
Khador Gun Carriage 6
Cryx Arcantrik Force Generator -6
Retribution of Scyrah Storm Strider 0
Convergence Transfinite Emergence Projector -8
Trollblood Trolkin War Wagon 7
Circle Orboros Celestrial Fulcrum -7
Legion of Everblight Throne of Everblight 0
Skorne Siege Animantarax 5
Minions (farow) Meat Threasher 4
Minions (Gator) Sacral Vault -8

So the best Battle engines are, Khador Gun Carriage and second is the Siege Animantarax (Why can’t PP sell them?) 
And the losers are Transfinite Emergence Projector and Sacral Vault ! (Mad just mad)

Special Rules (Rules on the back of the card or the front for example immunity’s, pathfinder and so on)
12 Models generated 41 unique rules (Wow)

Throne of Everblight have 8 rules
Wraith engine, Storm Strider and Celestrial Fulcrum all have 7 special rules each.

Least special rules:
Gun Carriage
Trolkin War Wagon
Siege Animantarax
Meat Threasher

All have 4 special rules

9 of the 12 battle engines are Constructs, 4 have Weapon Platform and 4 are also gun fighters.

Weapons Highest P&S melee weapon is “Club Tail” Siege Animantarax P&S 16! That so cool (Again buy Siege Animantarax Skone players! For all the win)

Most powerful gun carried by any battle engine is the : “Pounder” Trolkin War Wagon. POW 16

So it’s a small cross section of 12 models but still so much variety.
Funny how the Sacral Vault got all the recent press are far as battle engine are concerned and the Siege Animantarax is considered the Ugly, red headed step child in Skorne.

Personally I love Battle Engines, no resources required from the caster, big center piece models for painting projects.