Friday, 21 March 2014

Ogrebane's Omnium-Gatherum Part 5

Hi all its been awhile since I did an update so I thought Id better pull my finger out. So for this years slow growth I'm doing a troll army (he he). I bought a couple (3) of light trolls at cancon last year so I thought I would use them to do a few conversions. So my first offering is a Pyre troll. I'm using an axer for this so I had to remove a few bits.

Sorry the pics are do bad. Anyway he goes together like this

SO I removed the armour front and back and some details on the legs, I also drilled out his hands and opened them p a bit. I also cliped of his hair as I want flames for haoir
This is the start I want to have his back covered in flames.
More soon.........