Sunday, 12 August 2012

Kooinda Gaming Klub Multianual Inviation Kup Klash

Or Something like that........

So I dont get to many warmachine tournaments and niether do the guys that play at my house. So last year we started the "Insert name here" Tournament. The aim was to drink beer and play warmachine. Weve had 6 of them so far we play about every 3 months. The next one will be in Oct/Nov and will include our other thing we are running the Big Box Bash (50pt starter box with the ability to swap the caster)

We had 8 players last month which was pretty awesome makes it an official tourney if we wanted to register it. Anyway a great day was had by all and the day was full of unexpected surprises like all the under dogs in the top after game 1. In the end tho Aido won the day. If I find some pics I'll post them here.

So for the next tourney I think I will do a player profile and put up a few of the games as well.