Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 17a Goblin Lair grows.

Finally got some progress done on the Goblin army.

I've near finished the base for the second sniff unit. Just a few deco's to go. Its a lot brighter than the other one so a few washes should dull it up nicely. Also the bricks in the wall are a lot bigger so I must have been in a rush to finish it.

Anyway here's a pic of the base.

The torch is done just need painting and a few webs and vermin added.

Just so you dont think its the original reversed here is a pic of both of them together.

This is the base for the spear legion. I'm not sure if I will do statues of suits of
armour on the side walls.

As always feel free to give your opinion or any criticism.