Thursday, 23 January 2014

CANCON Here we come

So CANCON is this weekend. I've been looking forward to for the last year. And right on cue the day we are about to leave we get the beginning of the deluge. This is like 3 years in a row so don't tell me its a natural event. How does it know to make it rain on this long weekend every year.

Anyway we are frantically doing our finishing touches. We will be driving down this year in the Japanese tourist bus (Imported Tarago)

So here a few few quick and dirty army snaps. I (Ogrebane) will be playing a shae pirate list tier 4 (No real surprises) and a Four star syndicate Bart list (Also pretty standard)

Shae and the boys

Bart and the crew. Wrong eye and snapjaw up the back

Ive also got some snaps of Jay's (Parfiets) army. He's taking Cygnar Epic Haley and Bethayne Legion list.

Eddie is taking Cryx and circle this year

Kort has Cygnar and menoth
Sorry no cygnar pics

So we are in the Iron Gauntlet on day 1 with 24 entrants. We hope to get at least one army thru to the final on monday. Good luck all