Thursday, 26 May 2016

Ogrebanes Omnium Gatherum: Part 16G. The end is Nigh!!!

So I think I'm ready to stick a fork in this army. If I do a revisit I may add another horde of Shooters but apart from that I think I have enough stuff covered to give me a playable list.

I counted up all the bits and I have about 3500 points with no magic items. Not a bad start and about what I had with the other system that shall not be named.

At some point I will do a Video Army showcase to show all the guys.

Anyway here are some pics. They are a bit washed out as I am still getting use to the camera I have at home. I think its the lighting personally.

King Sirruh Wretched Thunderguts Longshanks the Turd.
Heroic Pose.
The Shooters. Cant hit anything but they scare a few people.

Siege Breakers

penitent Gobbos Carry a long dead hero to war. This is my other unit od Siege breakers.

Eddie suggested using this guy, a BSB on Chariot with Ensorcelled armour.
At first I was like Pffft, but it survived 3 rounds of attacks from Badger riders and a badger Hero
 in two separate games. And at 140 points he is a cheap inspiration. 

Red Goblin Scouts. The toy Ponies are really fast.

King Steven. King of all the red goblins. (In his mind anyway)

Next up will be my Gobbo Army. Tabled Eddie twice but Kort Tabled me so they can be beaten.