Monday, 30 March 2015

I've hit a ton and still going.

This will be my 100th post for this blog so I was going to do the old look back across the years.

So as the blurb says in our intro, we started this club because we didn’t like the way the hobby was going. Also we needed some tourney practice and most tourneys at the time were set up so that they weren’t very friendly.

So 2011 we had a few games and maybe and end of year tourney. Collectively we may have played 50 games (between 6 of us). 2012 we started a tourney with a battle box bash and that didn’t go well but we did get a few armies done. Then in 2013 we started a slow growth league which went well and we would have knocked out about 200 games between us. We continued the slow growth in 2014 but changed it to iron gauntlet rules so we could have 2 x 50 point armies of different factions. I think we had about 500 games for that year between us. We used an online database to register the games but the website was flaky so it didn’t go as well as we would have liked.

And that brings it to this year. We aren't doing a slow growth as most of us have enough armies and we are just trying to finish of the ones we own. We’ve gone old school and register games in a book and pay for each game so we will have some decent prizes at the end of the year. Also the 3D printer is working so maybe we will get some good stuff from that.

This is our club symbol on a 50mm base.
The top part has 15 splines which is the amount
 of wounds for an objective.
 I'd have to say that the level of gaming has improved out of site. We can get into top ten in most tournies (not all of us but usually at least one of us). Our last tournament that we ran (Last weekend 28th march) was probably the best one we've had so far. 10 players, 3 rounds with plenty of upsets that show that even the lower ranked players can pull out a good game every now and then.

I hope to bring more tutes to the blog and eventually I’ll figure out how to edit videos and post a few game videos as well. I’m hoping to even put up our IKRPG games and talk eddie into doing some game reviews. We would also like to explore some differnet gaming systems like OGAM and xwing and maybe even saga.

I see some good things for the future of our club. We have entered into a team event at the end of the year and we hope to get over to the states next year to see how it really works. Also we are going to a 2 day Xwing event that should be fun. So as long as they don’t go and warhammer 8 this game I can see me playing this for quite a few years to come.

Cheers All